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update on my life [15 Dec 2008|03:10pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Ok.... well thought i better update this so you knew what was going on in
my life. I had a job interview on the 3rd (i think it was) of this month
for a receptionists position. They called me back for 2nd interview 10th.

Only 3 people were called back out of quite a few by the sounds of it.

I recieved an email the same day even though they said they'd decide by Friday.
The email said that they were offering me the position!!!


And with the shift i had on Friday i really can't wait to leave.

Some guy decided it would be fun to pour his pint down one of the pockets on the
pool table then launch his glass at the table. I had to literally chuck him out.

So i was fed up. The pub isn't always like that but its people like that that make me
want to leave as well as some of the bosses.

So i start my job on Monday 22nd December! I'm sooooooo very nervous. But sort of
looking forward to it.

Finally getting to do what i'm trained to do. Christmas came early!

hmmm what else....

think thats sort of it......

apart from me and Debbi discussing living together...... or her moving up here for a bit.

well it was mentioned.. would be nice to have a friend living up here. Most of my other friends i
barely get to see unless they come in the pub when i'm at work. But nevermind.

-Shrugs-.... we'll probably talk about it more when she finished her 2 weeks temp work in HMV.
She's busy and sleepy so i don't get much sense out of her (Like usual)

Right i'm off. Just thought i'd let you lot know

Ja ne!

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selling some anime and manga [22 Oct 2008|11:13pm]

Selling some stuff. If you want any of it let me know… not sure what prices with them yet….. will post later… or make me an offer.




RahXephon 1-7 (complete Series)

DNAngel 1-7 (Complete Series)

Gantz 1-7 (Complete Series)

Pretear 1-4 (Complete Series)

Steamboy Movie

Otogi Zoshi (complete series box set)

Samurai gun 1-4 (Complete series)

Kai Doh Maru Movie

Neon Genesis Evangelion End of Evangelion

Macross Plus (movie in Japanese with the series in English)

Witch Hunter Robin 1-6 (Complete Series)

Galerions Rion Movie




Demon Diary 1-7 (Complete)

Juvenile Orion 1

Tactics 1

Inuyasha 1-15

Gorgeous Carat 1,2 and 4

J Boys Bilbos 1

Zowie its Yaoi


Random DVD’s


Sharpes Rifle + Eagle

“           “ Sword + Battle

“           “ Justice + Waterloo

Stargate SG1 Season 3 Episode 17-20

Diary of the Dead

The Banquet

Initial D Movie (live action)

The Fog (With Tom Welling from Smallville)

The Warrior

The Grudge (With Buffy)

Ong Bak



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Dream...........yes another one [04 Sep 2008|01:25pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

had a dream... was typing it out on msn to a friend so i'm cutting and pasting so forgive typos... bad english...

Don’t remember all of it just remember being in school... but was a Cosplay convention

the sky was black.. Someone was saying it was the end of the world. That we were all doomed unless the chosen one saved everyone

I wouldn't let you come with me cos apparently I was the chosen one
you kept begging but I said no made Tim make sure you stayed behind
Thomas was with us so he came with me

we ran through the many cosplayers
heading for a castle that was close by
we got there
there was an alter thing. The priest there said that i had to put some of my blood on it to show that i was the chosen one so that it would open the path up to where the power was to save everyone
so i pulled a knife across my hand
letting the blood drip onto this alter thing

(to much Supernatural and people being cut with knives >_> )

well the path opened up so i jumped down
it was like a new land down this hole. It had sky and fields and lakes and stuff
very beautiful
We made our way towards the lake. Deciding it would save time to cut across it rather than walk around it cos it was huge.
so we got a boat. the people gladly giving us a ride
but it was dark while we were crossing it. Some lake monster attacked the boat
boat was destroyed everyone being dunked into the water
i felt someone grab me then it went dark til I woke up in a hut on the beach
Thomas was by my side told me I’d been out most of the night
i got up still feeling a bit weak saying that we had to hurry up and get this power. but he forced me to lie down again telling me to rest for a while longer
we set off along the beach after an hour. I was Leaning against Thomas. cos i still quite tired but i didn't want to rest anymore
the villagers had given us some weapons i had a bow and arrow and a small knife thing Thomas had a sword
we came to the shrine that the power was at. But it was guarded. We had to sneak most of the way. Managing to get inside
we had to get to the innermost chamber to get the power. But ended up fighting most of the way
once inside i wandered towards the bright shaft of light that was in the centre of the room. Drawn to it
When the light had faded all the enemies were gone and Thomas was looking down at me
my hair had grown. It was long and loose. REALLY Long...
i had wings that were a very dark brown like my hair
so we headed back. Me carrying Thomas as i flew towards the way we'd come in
the priest gasped when a winged person appeared. I left Thomas there. But he made his way back to the convention. I flew over your head
Heading towards the big bad that was doing all the apocalypse stuff
lots of explosions while i dealt with the big bad.
the sky brightened up and i flew back to you lot
landing and collapsing against you cos i was knackered. But my hair was still long. Wings were hidden away like Dark does
then i woke up while me was trying to fall asleep on you

quite a cool dream. ^_^ enjoy???

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Amecon 2008 report [13 Aug 2008|02:32pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Amecon 2008 report

Well Thursday came… I hadn’t been sleeping properly for 2 days. But never mind… our ride was late. And we spent most of the journey dozing we reached Leister at about 7ish got dropped off at the train station and so I rang Kim and Debbi to come find us and take us to hotels. We hurried down to the precon meet but everyone had gone. But I rang and txted a few people and organised a meet up at a weatherspoons where we found some people we had met last year. We huddled around one large table and laughed and drank and ate til roundabout 12. We took some photos and generally had fun. Went back to the hotel and Debbi did a few Cosplay stuff that needed doing.


Woke up early again… about 7 but I didn’t move til 7.30 decided to take a shower early and then poked Debbi after a long shower. We pulled on our Tsubasa Cosplay and headed to registrations. We stood in line for almost 2 hours I think then finally we were registered… went to ops to get weapon passes for Kurogane’s sword then wandered for food and checked out what was going on that day. Saw peacemaker cosplayers so pounce. Always happy to find a Shinsengumi fan like myself ^_^

Got pounced for photos and were generally camera whoering all day Which is always fun… we found a Tomoyo who agreed to do photos with us ^_^ Watched the first 2 episodes of XXXHolic which is cool and that reminds me to get the opening and ending song LOL Raided the dealers room spent money and then wandered to the hotel to change and get something to eat. Went to the amv disco…. Was ok… but I also seem to end up going emo…. But I pulled myself together and then we headed to hotels to sleep and about 1.30ish.


Dressed up as Shinsengumi members. Debbi was Okita I was random Shinsengumi member with no name. Was fun… more whoering with the camera. And a few people recognised us!! Spent more money on shiny things talked sat around posed for pictures and then waited around for Kim to come out of the Masquerade as Cheza from Wolf’s Rain. Watched more holic then wandered to the hotel and got ready for the Jpop/anime disco. That was awesome… we got glow sticks and everything. One thing that pissed me off was that the bloody conga lines…. They appeared like every 5 minutes… not only did my bag get trampled… but if they broke my camera I won’t be happy if the photos don’t come out……

Got back to the hotel at about 2ish and went to sleep


Dressed up as Kurogane again for a photo shoot then changed into Hakkai from Saiyuki but had to wait around for Gojyo to appear so we could do photos.
We didn’t bother going to ball but I wish I had gone now…. Apparently its free they are just a little picky with what you wear and such. But we all had something we could of worn to get in… then it’s the party afterwards DAMNIT!! I wanted to get pictures of Lauren and the others dressed as Shinsengumi uniforms from Gintama. …. Oh well I’m sure there will be pictures around somewhere.

Hmmmm ride home was ok… seemed to pass quicker than on the way down… I used my Mokona plushie as a pillow cos I was F****d. Got home about 3ish

Things I bought

Mokona Plushie
3 Tsubasa mangas
Vol 20 of Tsubasa
June pride (Yaoi)
Saiyuki art book
Wall scroll of Kurogane and Tomoyo
Kurogane figure
Black Cat anime Vol 5 and 6
Pocky ^_^
T shirt that says no to emo

Think that’s it…. Might add more stuff later

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meh... part god knows.... [27 May 2008|12:58am]
[ mood | stressed ]

Well lets get the good thing out of the way.

I am a godmother…. My friend Adam’s girlfriend had the baby today. It’s a boy. I know nothing else. Didn’t get a chance to talk to him. I’ll try and get a hold of him tomorrow. Will also try and get pictures.

But anyway

I go to work… I was asked to start at 6… I needn’t of bothered hurrying… they didn’t need me so I was asked to water the plants and stuff… My job description says Bar maid not a fucking Gardener…

So I get behind the bar when I take over from Christine… everyone there seems to be in a really pissy mood. Which usually means I get pissy and stressed cos everyone seemed to just shout my name. Whistle for me to which I reply. I am a bitch… but I’m still not a dog… don’t whistle for my attention.

My boss was also being pissy. Saying that even if I got busy she wouldn’t jump behind the bar to help. Will I F**k the next time she does.

One of the barmaids Lyndsay has just split up with her boyfriend…. Long story… can’t be bothered to type it out… but she isn’t taking it well.. She was drunk… Very drunk….. She’d spoken to everyone. Then cried on my shoulder…. I very nearly slapped her when she told me that she had taken something. I told her she was an idiot for letting him get to her. When he was an even bigger idiot for letting her go. She left after that. Not sure where but I heard later that she had been kicked out of the top house for being to drunk… It didn’t surprise me much.

There was one guy who I refused to serve because he was drunk. But he just kept asking I gave him a game of pool saying that if he won I’d serve him. But alas I won so he got nothing.

Called last orders But of course everyone wants a drink while I’m trying to count the til up. So I tell them they aren’t getting a fucking drink because I can’t have one.

So I get everyone out. Get home. Tell the parents that Adam is a dad. Kim’s asleep… I wake her up accidentally… she has a cold. But the window is wide open… I tell her to shut the window. Then I tell her about Adam.. but she just doesn’t care I get the reply of “I was asleep… and now I’m awake” So I leave the bedroom…

I’m sleeping downstairs… next time she has an argument with Gary am I fuck listening to her… if she doesn’t have time for me… I have no time for her…

Rant over for now….

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More Dreams and other stuff [18 Apr 2008|04:31pm]
Been meaning to type up this dream for a while. Had it last week i think it was.

All about Getbackers which was cool.

I was seeing things through Ban's eyes. We were sent on job. We were fighting our way to the top of a sky scraper. Akabane, Kazuki, Shido. Juubei, Emishi, Himiko and the others were all there. Me and Ginji were in the lead. Sprinting up the stairs fighting anyone who got in our way.

Fudou appeared so i let the others go on ahead while i fought with him. It was a hard fight took me a while to finally get him down. He had the blades on his metal arm again. So i'd been stabbed but i knew that i had to get to the others and help them fight to baddies. I forced myself to keep going heading upstairs. Finding some of the others climbing the stairs slowly after fights of there own. When i met Himiko i tossed her my shirt. Leaving the me only with my vest and pants on. She followed after me with the others who were now catching up. I could feel that Ginji was fighting but it felt like he was struggling. I ran faster ignoring the white hot pain i was in.

Bursting onto the roof i found Ginji tired and bloody. He was down on one knee gaspnig for breath. I moved to stand beside him. He was happy to see me. The bad guy wasn't so much though. I could that he was powerful but knew that the others were to tired to fight him. So i stepped up. Ignoring Ginji's protests telling him that it was just a scratch. He quietened down but i knew that he knew i was lying.

So the fight started. He had amazing strength. But i managed to keep up. Til he cheap shotted me attacking my injured side. That put me down. Leaving me on the floor staring up at the sky. Gripping at my side. Willing the pain to go away. Ginji screaming at me to watch out. I barely managed to dodge the attack. Struggling to get to my feet. i called on the power of my constelation. Putting my faith into that to help me win.

I hit him with everything i had. Sending him off the roof. I stared for a moment just watching the place where he'd disapeared. Ginji came to my side looking a little worried. Instead of glomping me like he usually would do he just let me lean on him seeing that i was exhausted and struggling to stay on my feet. The others gathered around.

Then i woke up after some slashy moments with Ginji...

Then a couple of nights ago i had a dream about a Seven Samurai rp i'm doing on a forum.... its a little fuzzy just remember lots of sword fighting then dying....

any way... thats enough about dreams.

My boss goes on Holiday on Sunday for a week. Guess who there leaving in charge..... yes me.... are they crazy..... i mean yes i know how to do everything like paper work and stuff but i'm sure theres a more reliable person than me.... i can see things going terribly wrong and the shit hitting the fan...... of course everything will be coming back to me.... >_> thats what i'm dreading.. and being at work everyday apart from Tuesday.. unless i can get the Thursday off for my dentist appointment. Which i hope i can.....

can't think of anything i wanna say apart from

WATCH BECK!!!!!! it rocks!!! I love the dub!! Jerry Jewel, Greg Ayres and Eric Vale ^_^ Awesomeness with lots of cussing. Love the commentary on the 3rd DVD ^_^

well better go Ja ne ^_^

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[19 Feb 2008|03:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I had a really nice dream last night…. Although my definition of nice could be a little weird.

It was a dream about the Shinsengumi. Which I love. I love reading about the history of the Shinsengumi. I’ll tell you what I remember,

Well it started off I was Susumu Yamazaki. The Watcher for the Shinsengumi. I was standing on a rooftop. Looking over towards a building that was a bookstore. The rest of the Shinsengumi were below. Hijikata gave me a nod so I went on ahead to scout the area. Hopping across the roof. My two blue scarf flowing out behind me. I stopped. Landing on the roof of the building. Listening. Inside I heard people talking about the Choshu (is that spelled write? I always get it wrong somehow).

I made my way back silently to where Hijikata was and made my report. Then disappeared into the night to keep an eye out for any trouble while they made there way through the streets to the building. I noticed some ninja’s running across the roof and moved in to attack them.

The battle lasted for quite a while. But soon I had taken out the ninjas. I was so tired bleeding from numerous wounds. I collapsed passing out.

Then I seemed to shift characters. Shinpachi now. I was running through the corridors of this bookstore. Which were quite big (it also looked like Waterstones lol) random people attacked me but managed to deal with them without trouble. I ran up some stairs. Hearing Todo Fighting somewhere up ahead. I kept on running. When I turned the corner I noticed that he was fighting a group alone and then seemed to be getting the best of him seems as there was blood soaking through the material on one of his legs. I moved in to help. Helping him force them back. Managing to kill them. Turning to Todo. I wrapped something around the wound to stop the bleeding. He thanked me. Then we turned to keep on going. I let him go ahead of me. Lingering a moment to check the rooms around us. When I came out I noticed that one of the attackers we had apparently killed was moving to get up. I ran towards Todo calling to him to warn him. But his leg slowed him d
own. I managed to get there in time. Putting myself in between Todo and the blade. I felt it slide through my stomach. Causing me to cough up some blood. Todo reacted then. Killing the guy properly this time. I sank to the floor but he managed to catch me. Holding me close to him. I told him I’d be fine telling him to go on ahead and help Okita. He went reluctantly. I kept my sword close. I could hear the fighting above and around me so I got up leaning heavily against the wall as I walked on.

I caught up with Todo and Okita. They were fighting a group. Okita was having a coughing fit. Bt I doubted that I’d be able to help. Todo was helping Okita but I went to join. Ignoring the pain and helped cover Okita with Todo. Sanosuke appeared helping noticing that me (Shinpachi) and Todo his two best friends were injured. He charged in. Forcing all the enemies back. I collapsed again. Todo slumping against the wall. Sano returning to check on us all. Okita passed out next to me. Sano sat with Todo. I slumped over. Head against Okita’s arm. I was starting to feel weak. I could hear other members of the Shinsengumi shouting in victory. But my eyes were starting to slide closed. It was getting harder to breath. Todo noticed that I was struggling. He called out to me Trying to keep me with it. He reached a hand over to me. I reached back. But I never got to grab his hand I was already gone.

I woke up then. It was quite a cool and touching dream. Really enjoyed having it.

Made me happy that it was about the Shinsengumi ^_^

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Dreams and Birthday report [23 Nov 2007|04:42pm]
Well… thought I’d type up my dreams seem, as I have nothing better to do.

Deathnote Dream

Well I was Kira. I had a Deathnote and was dealing out judgement to the world. My friend Debbi was there to help me as well. She helped write names in the Deathnote. But I had made the deal for the Shinigami eyes. I refused to let her do it.

Well of course the police and L were after me. I know I’m nothing like Light and soooo not that brainy. But I made sure that if they closed in it was me that would be under suspicion and not Debbi. She didn’t know this of course but that’s what I did.

It took a while but sure enough they started to close in. So I fled the apartment with the Deathnote. Hopping on my motorbike (YAY HOT METAL!!!) and sped off. Chased by a couple of cars that held Matsuda and the others. They questioned Debbi but she didn’t tell them anything and she wasn’t the owner of the notebook so even if the police had another Deathnote they wouldn’t know that she had used the Deathnote. So there I was speeding along. The Shinigami that the Deathnote belonged to was close by. I knew what I had to do. I didn’t mind. I ended up in a warehouse. Hiding. I didn’t have a weapon all I had was the Deathnote but I refused to use it to kill the police seems as they are the good guys as well. I tried eluding them but when I was trying to slip out of the door I was shot. I felt the bullet rip into my side and I gasped. Sinking to the floor. The police gathered even L and Light appeared. They were curious as to why I wouldn’t kill the police even though I had the shinigami eyes.

Al l I said was that the Police weren’t the bad guys. L had also said that I had used my powers to protect a couple of police officers from different bad people. He said he was grateful but that didn’t change the fact that I was a murderer. I just smiled grinning.. L leaned down to me knowing that I was bleeding to death. He had already called for assistance but. I refused to let anyone treat me. When L leaned close I told him that Light was the real Kira seems, as I couldn’t see his lifespan. L was shocked but nodded standing up. I had kept my voice low so that Light couldn’t hear but I knew that L would do his best to prove what I had said with more evidence. Lifting the Deathnote up I relinquished ownership of it and gave it back to the Shinigami. Who took it and left.

I remember it going black and then nothing. Then I woke up.

Was a very different dream but I liked it. ^_^

Bleach Dream

Well I was Ichigo in this and was beating down on Kon when Rukia appeared telling me that we had to go to Soul Society. We did and received a missions seems as the other divisions were busy with other things.

We were sent to investigate the disappearance of Children from a town on the soul world. We did a lot of searching til we found out where the kids were. Somehow some hollows had taken human form and kidnapped the children taking them to a isolated hut in the middle of a reed field. Ichigo (Me) and Rukia sneaked in. But ended up having a couple of fights with these hollows. I ended up injured. But we got to the kids. Sneaking them out while the hollows were distracted with other things. Rukia was leading them through the field I was covering the rear. Seems, as Rukia knew her way around better than I did. I could feel that the hollows were following us so I turned to face them. Telling Rukia to keep going and get the kids out. She did so. I had an awesome fight with these Hollows. Even got to use Bankai.

When I got back to Soul Society Rukia was waiting the kids gathered around her. She ran over to me catching me before I could slump to the floor exhausted from the fighting.

Then I woke up. Was a good dream fights were awesome but it seemed longer in my head. LOL

Anyway…. Lets talk about my birthday, which was yesterday.

It generally sucked… >_>

Went out during the day which was fun spent some money got anime and manga ^_^

The anime I got was Le Chevalier Vol 4 –sniffles- Wish they would hurry and get Vol 5 out…. Durand… -calms self-

Manga I got was Tsubasa Vol 3, Loveless 7 and Fruits Basket 18. Read Fruits basket only. Will get around to Loveless soon.


We went out on the nighttime … barely anyone was there and a couple people forgot it was even my birthday.

Matthew was there…. but ended up running around after someone’s daughters… he was hardly there…. I told him I wasn’t happy about it. It may of sounded kinda selfish but… ya know… couldn’t help it… I had had alcohol. These ‘people’ also had something to say about one of my friends and were making my night kinda crap. I dragged my friend to the dance floor and said it was my night I’m not gonna let them stop me from dancing with my friends just cos they have a problem. I later got messages off her saying that they had sent her threatening messages to her. I told her to go to the police. Cos I’m sick of that family causing trouble… ARGHHHHH

OI walked home by myself… didn’t bother telling people were I was til I got home… just needed to fume by myself. I txt them later saying that I was home safe and sound. Watched Bleach… and a bit of Le Chevalier then went to bed…. Couldn’t sleep cos I was still fuming. Woke up a few times after I managed to get 4 hours sleep…. Got up and now Kim came home ill from work… so no doubt I’ll get what she has… –sighs-

Life sucks big time at the minute

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Happy Birthday To Me [22 Nov 2007|01:20pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well its my 22nd Birthday today! So far its been kinda crap….. But going out with a Friend to spend a bit of money and be merry. Then going to the pub later with friends who knows who will be out.

The past few days have been filled with dreams of Bleach and Deathnote…. Obviously I’ve been watching and reading to much of each…. Rping Bleach probably didn’t help either…If you want to know about the dreams leave a comment and I will type them up ^_^

Hmmmm…. What else can I say….. not much really. Ja ne!!!

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Last Night and This Morning [16 Sep 2007|01:08pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Well I went out last night. Don’t know why. It was boring and just generally sucked.

First Adam and Rachel get chucked out because something happened outside with Rabbit (a guy)

So we were 2 down. Then Caroline started on Helen, Wayne’s girlfriend who had nothing to do with what happened just like it had nothing to do with Caroline.

So Caroline makes her mouth go. Arguing with Helen. So Craig goes over and tries to pull her away seems as Adam and Rachel are waiting outside for her. So I help him drag her away. Craig tells me to get her jacket so I get it. She finished her drink and then launches the empty glass across the room.

Hitting Rabbit’s girlfriend who had bugger all to do with it and hadn’t even said anything to anyone to warrant any action.

So Craig and me literally push Caroline out and away.

The lass had a massive bump on her head. She nearly passed out a few times. Babz behind the bar had no idea what the hell was going on but got on her radio. So yet again the bouncers appear after the trouble.

I really can’t believe Caroline did that. She seems fine most of the time. But I just knew that there was going to be trouble. I hope that she gets bared because I won’t sit a table with her.

After those 3 were gone. I sweeped the glass up that Caroline had thrown. It had shattered over most of the back wall. I’m surprised more people weren’t hurt. I hope she gets the Police involved. But after that I tried not to think about it. Just danced with Craig and Angie. Then walked home with Gareth. Got home about 3.45am headed straight upstairs checked email and stuff. Then went to bed.

Was woken up at 6.30am so just 2 hours sleep. Couldn’t settle back down. Then had Jeanette ringing me at 9.30 and continuously for the next few hours. I ignored it because I knew that she’d want me to work the morning. There was no way in hell I would work 10.30 til flipping8.30 Screw that. Just cos she’ can’t be bothered to do it. Lyndsay has hurt her foot/leg possibly broken it Which means I’ll have to cover her shifts because She won’t ask Sheila to do them, cos it would mean she would have to be there to watch her. I mean I don’t mind doing a few but Sheila has been asking for extra shifts so surely she can let her do some. Well anyway I rang her back and she wanted me to start at 2 I said I couldn’t 5 and a half hours there will do me thank you.

MEH!!!!!!!!!! –emo mood on-

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Meh.... Work sucks... [08 Sep 2007|03:06am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Welll.... apparently... me and my friends are drug addicts.... thats the rumour thats been spread around one of the pubs i work at... I'm sooo not impressed.

Two of my other friends have has people come over to them and ask if it was true.

Today i got call from my friend Craig. Who made me aware of this. So when i got to work today i asked my boss about it. She hadn't heard anything about it. So when i finished i wandered up to the top house and asked Kathryn. She didn't know about it. So when Babz was having a cigerette me and Sheila asked her about it. She said that some powder had been found a few weeks ago . But we hadn't been in that week....

WHAT THE FUCK IT GOING ON!!!!!! I'm soooo sick of people spreading shit around!!! Why does it always have to be about me? Why can't they just leave me the hell alone? am i that annoying??? Hateful???? crap at my job????

God i wish i could get a new job. It would be sooo much better for my health.... and then i might stop getting grey hairs......

Why is the only thing that that lot are good at bitching????? They never seem to work...... they bitch instead..... but i'm telling you now. If it continues... i'll slap them with a Slander charge.... Even Craig and Sheila have been talking about it.

Craig was talknig about it. .... but Kathryn said that if we took it further it makes us look guilty.... How the fuck does that work? we don't want our names dragged through the mud like it seems they already have been. Its soooo pissing me off... That the person that started this didn't come to us first and ask us about it. That everyone else seems to know but we didn't? they didn't give us a chance to say that we weren't guilty..... ARGHHHHH Why do the people i work with have to suck soooo much......


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Amecon 2007 REport [20 Aug 2007|01:46pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well Debbi and the others came up on the Wednesday. Debbi came over mine for a while. Then the next day we set out for Leister just before dinnertime with Andy, Tim, Tom Debbi and me. Took us 4 hours to get there. But we did hit traffic. Once there we lugged all of our stuff to the rooms and lounged around til the meetings started.

We ended up in the pub we had been to the last time we were there. Lots and laughs couple of drinks. Then back to the hotel to try and sleep.


We put on our Saiyuki costumes and walked to the uni. It was soooo damn hot. But we managed. Me as Hakkai and Debbi as Sanzo. We met Kim there who was dressed as Ino. It was good to meet Kim. She was awesome!!! We went to the opening ceremony after getting badges and free pocky!!! We wandered for most of the day. Checking out the games room and seeing what was being shown at the video rooms. Then after a long while. We headed back to the hotel. To rest up for the parties and stuff on the nighttime. We danced the night away. Got back to the hotel after 2 >_>
Many photos were taken…. TO many!!!


I wore my Battle Royale costume. Not many pictures were taken of it. But people recognised it. I wasn’t in it long. I got changed into my Hakkai costume again. So we could do some piccies with the Gojyo that was there. That was soo much fun!! The pics we took rocked as well. If you want the link to them ask me and I will post it up ^_^

We wandered off to watch the Tsubasa dub. Which was quite good. Although I kept thinking that Kurogane would start shouting about sparkles and strip to the waist.

We went to the Anime and J pop disco. Even Tim came to the party. I was happy. We’d hardly seen him during the whole con seems as his girlfriend was there. I went emo during it though. But still managed to dance and be an idiot. Then got told off by Debbi for being Emo.


I wore my Ayame stuff for a little while. But got to hot and had to get changed. But before that I found the other Fruits Basket cosplayers. I found Kyo, Hatsuharu, Hatori, Momiji erm… anyone else???

Then changed into my Mustang costume. Molested an Edward a few times. Was molested by a Hughes. –Shivers- was fun. We didn’t go to the ball but we went to the end of con party and danced ^_^

Fun time had by all.

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Sleepless Nights [08 Jul 2007|12:01pm]
[ mood | needs sleep ]

Well..... what to talk about.

Haven't really had much sleep. Can't settle when i get to bed. Also going out and not getting home til like 3 or 4 in the morning doesn't help to much either.

Well i had to work Friday because of the Beach Party they had (It was pouring down with Rain. Gotta love English weather) I had to dress up as well. All Bar staff had to wear Yellow tops and red shorts.... Yes Baywatch but believe me.... i did not look like i should be saving people from drowning.

Take a look. Its scary.

You should see the pics i took last night when i was off >_> i look like a zombie. SCARY!!!

I REALLY need to start on my cosplays for Amecon... if i don't i'll never get them.

I'm obsessed with TSubasa. Been watching/reading it quite alot. I've even drawn Fai 3 times now. Need to draw Kuro

erm.... can't think of anything else to say....

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For crying out loud [13 May 2007|11:31am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Well.... me and my sister have been arguing constantly nearly everday. It starting to really bug me. One of us needs to hurry up and move out! I'd rather it was her. She has a boyfriend and i want the room to myself.

Work was crap last night. The band sounded like arse and No one was there i was bored out of my skull. I went up the top house for a few drinks. my friend Keighley was out so we had a good laugh/talk/boogie. She had to go early beccause she had work in the monrning. I stayed til the end headbanging the night away. But i've hurt my shoulder clobbered it off a large picture frame when i stood up i'm suprised i don't have a bruise.

When i woke up this morning. My mom came in and said that my uncle had died. This is gonna destroy my grandma. He was her brother and my Aunite died a few years ago. She kept telling him not to leave her alone. My mom and dad and Sharon are over there with her now. I would of gone but i don't deal well with people crying.... I wouldn't know what to say or do.

meh.... and i have work at 4...... boredom here i come...........

I also need to sort out my family and friends for here.... >_> Meh again.

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[20 Aug 2006|01:57am]

my pet!

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Amecon [19 Aug 2006|12:37am]
[ mood | WOOT ]

^________________________________________ _______^

Well i guess i better start at the begining.

Which was last Wednesday. ^_^ lol a week ago.... sheesh it feels like longer.


Well Debbi and my other friend Tim came for me and i was spending the night at Tim's so we could head off on the Thursday morning down to Leicester.


We got there at about 5 i think and then we headed off to the town centre to meet up with some of the others going to go for a meal and such like.

We went to a pub and ate and drank there till 12ish. Then we got a taxi back to the hotel and settled for the night.


The next morning we met the rest of the group and my Ni-sama arrived as well. We all got dressed for the con. I got my Sasuke outfit on and the others got there Naruto ones on as well.

We arrived there at about 12 and registered. Then we ate pocky and didn't know where to go first.

We decided to wait for the que for the dealers room to go down and wandered into town to do a few things.

While walking into town a car pulled up next to us and the passenger rolled her window down and shouted that She loved Naruto and that our costumes were good. Then she drove off leaving us stunnded LOL.

Jemma who was dressed as Itachi wasn't feeling to well so she went back to the hotel and we went back to the Uni while walking towards the main entrance i saw GREG AYRES!!!!! i almost passed out. LOL they had to hold me back from flying glomping him.

We wandered to the dealers room where we spent money >_>
LOL so much shiny stuff. I got three plushies Kenshin, Edward Elric and Sesshomaru ^_^ SHINY!!!

Then we wandered to Watch the Saiyuki movie ^_^ SO PRETTY!!!!! We only caught the end though. Which i bought so we could see the rest of it ^_^

Then we wandered back to the hotel to change ready for the Jpop parties and Kareoke.

That was awesome we danced the night away and went to a Yaoi panel ^_^ they played some ^_^ lol it was awesome if not a little strange listening to japanese voice actors pretending to ..... fuck.... >_> lol

then we went back and danced some more and then wandered back to the hotel.


I was dressed as Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist

We got up earlish so that we could go see the voice actors talks. When we got there I nearly passed out and almost wanted to scream like a total fangirl because there was Greg Ayres sitting outside. with two of his friends. It took my friends about 15 minutes to drag me over to see him. He commented on Debbi's Dark Costume and he took pictures of it ^_^. He was soooooo nice. His hair was purple and blue. I'd taken a drawing i'd done of Shinpachi from Peacemaker which he plays with me ^_^ He said it was beautiful and i nearly cried with joy. we had some pictures taken with him. He wrapped his arm around me lol. ^_^ i was sooooooo happy. I couldn't speak to him >_> lol but i managed a few words.

Then he dragged us to where his talk was gonna happen Monica Rial was just finishing hers. She was soo funny ^_^ Chris Patton was ill so he wasn't going to be there for that day. They talked about all sorts of things. Then they signed autographs which i didn't get cos i already had one. So we wandered more.

We went back to the hotel and got ready for the Jpop/rock discos

THOSE PARTIES WERE AWESOME dancing away to all sorts of music from anime it was awesome. ^_^ and i got glomped by a guy dressed as Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist. We danced all the time. I also had my photo taken with a Vincent who was eyeing my up LOL it was sooo fun.


Wandered to see the talk that Chris Patton was giving seems as he was feeling better. He was sooooo funny as well. It was so weird hearing his voice cos i kept think Sousuke Sagara was sitting there. LOL After that they signed autographs seems as all the voice actors were there.

Chris was singing all the time we were there. ^_^ he has quite a good singing voice.

Monica was soo awesome. She commented on how hot Roy Mustang was seems as i was dressed as him LOL then i asked her to do an impression of Saizo the pig from Peacemaker LOL it was sooooooo funny seeing her do it.... LOL

Then i went and mauled Greg again he hugged me cos he recognised me from the day before. He gave me another Autograph and then me and Debbi bothered him for a Son Goku (from Saiyuki) impression. He took us to the side and did one and i swear to god it was so cute and funny all at the same time. LOL ^_^ me and Debbi cackled all the way out of the room. Then we wandered around went to watch some anime

We watched Tenjo Tenge which was quite funny. then we watched TRinity Blood with Greg ^_^ its an awesome show we chanted to see more which Greg was willing to show us but someone said he couldn't DAMN THAT PERSON!!!! GET THAT SHOW WHEN IT COMES OUT!!!!!!!! I ORDER YOU TO!!!!!

Then after that. We didn't go to the Cosplay Ball we went out for a meal and got an earlish night ready for the trip home.

That was about it. It might not sound like much but it was great and sooo fun. It was my first Convention and i enjoyed it thouroughly ^_^


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quizzies [24 Jul 2006|12:54am]
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What Darker Naruto Character Are You?

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What Naruto Guy Are You?

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I'm on a role ^_^

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

What Naruto Character Are You?

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^___^ more Sasuke

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

What Naruto Guy is For You?

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Dream [27 May 2006|11:20am]
[ mood | ^_^ ]

Well i must of had a couple of dreams because i remember bits of a few....


Well it started off.

I woke up looking out of a large tube. So i was thinking Resident evil.. Which it was kinda. There was a man staring at me. He was waring a lab coat so i though he was a scientist. He was talking to me but i couldn't hear anything he said. I saw windows break behind him and zombies came in.

Then i just remember wandering around this facility trying to get out.

The next dream

I was walking rather hurriedly with Sam (from Supernatural) There was a few others with me like my sister and a few other friends of mine. There was people watching us as we walked along. I knew there was something strange about them. They were werewolves or something. So i pushed sam ahead of me and i took the rear. Soon they started chasing us so i told the others to go. We got seperated and i had to jump into a river but it was heading towards a waterfall. I saw something ahead of me. (other than the waterfall) it was Toboe (from Wolf's Rain) in his wolf form. I swam as fast as i could to try and get to him but couldn't make it and we were both pulled over the waterfall. While i was falling i could see Toboe beneath me falling. I also saw a ledge coming up on me quickly. When i hit it it went black.

I woke up in a hospital. Sitting up i looked around. but didn't see anyone. I noticed a smell and followed it to a fortune teller. She said that i had to be strong and that i would have to face up to anything that came my way.

Then the hamster woke me up rattling stuff >_> oh well....

i don't think there's anything else i need to say........ hmmm.... nope can't think of anything

See you lot around ^_^

bye bye

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[29 Mar 2006|11:38am]
[ mood | blah ]

Take The Quiz Yourself!


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huh [27 Mar 2006|10:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

My japanese name is 長谷川 Hasegawa (long valley river) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

^___^ Eternal Beautiful Child thats me >_>

My insulting name is Slutmonkey Bucket-o-piles!
What's yours?

LOL Monkey >_>

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